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Articles around the web (26-04-2020)

Here's a collection of some interesting articles from around the web this week revolving around all things technology and programming. This is part of the CodePunnet blog weekly newsletter. If you would like to get this update in your inbox make sure to subscribe to the newsletter.

→ Patterns for Managing Source Code Branches

Martin Fowler is starting a new article series on common patterns on how you can effectively manage source code branches with the first article covering source branching. You can never learn enough about git and branching so every developer can gain something from this series.

→ Top Kubernetes Courses You Can Take For Free

If you've found yourself spending a lot more time at home consider checking out some of these free course to get you up-skilled on Kubernetes all the way from the fundamentals of installation and configuration to more advanced topics like controllers, deployments and managing storage and scheduling.

→ Brush up your COBOL: Why is a 60-year-old language suddenly in demand?

Due to the current demands on some of our ageing systems there has been a bit of an uptick in the need for COBOL programmers. This article from stack overflow has a look into the history of COBOL as a language and should help guide you through some nice COBOL examples you should be able to run yourself.

→ Quarantine work is not Remote work

Scott Hanselman has been providing developers with some great resources on working remotely but with the current pandemic pushing more people into a remote work like scenario he shares his thoughts on how taxing this period can be as well as some resources to make this period of time a bit easier.

→ Google Chrome’s new update finally allows you to organize and group tabs!

You can now get tab groups in your chrome browser with this sneaky new addition. Just like when dark mode first found its way to chrome you can follow this quick guide to enable the experimental feature in your chrome browser today.

→ How to Set Up Serverless Form Submissions with AWS Lambda

Creating Serverless functions can be a great way to achieve the functionality you need without having the extra bloat of a full backend stack f you don't need it. In this great article, it runs you through how you can easily set up a lambda function on AWS to handle form submission using the Serverless framework.

→ Ops By Pull Request: An Ansible Gitops Story

GitOps is becoming a more popular concept within organisations as a way to try and streamline the development and release process. The people at Red Hat discuss the basic concepts of GitOps and how this can be achieved with Ansible in an agentless, flexible and repeatable way.

→ From 48k lines of code to 10—the story of GitHub’s JavaScript SDK

An interesting look at some of the thought processes to developing and maintaining an open-source library. In this article, the Gregor Martynus discuss where his GitHub JavaScript SDK came from and the steps to get to where it is now with the much smaller (and more maintainable) codebase it is in now.

→ How Netflix uses Druid for Real-time Insights to Ensure a High-Quality Experience

Apache Druid is a high-performance real-time analytics database and the engineers at Netflix go over how it powers real-time analytics insights at Netflix. This article covers the whole pipeline from ingestion, data management and querying giving some great insights at how this is done at scale.

→ Controlling Service Readiness in Docker Compose

A quick article showing you how you can make sure that your applications are actually ready to receive traffic after they are done starting up if your applications are declared in docker-compose with just the use of one small container dokku/wait to check if your applications are actually ready and started.

That's all the links for this week, stay safe and look after each other (But not too close). 🤚

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