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Articles around the web (22-03-2020)

Here's a collection of some interesting articles from around the web this week revolving around all things technology and programming. This is part of the CodePunnet blog weekly newsletter. If you would like to get this update in your inbox make sure to subscribe to the newsletter.

→ NPM is joining GitHub

With this acquisition, Github has said their main focus for NPM is to help NPM invest in the registry infrastructure and platform, Improve the core experience and engage with the community further. With this acquisition, Microsoft is further solidifying its stance as an open-source player in the market.

→ Building a more accurate time service at Facebook scale

Working with time can always pose some challenges but at the scale of an organisation like Facebook, these can get quite complex and require a high degree of accuracy and reliability not usually designed for. In this article, the engineers at Facebook assess some of the time synchronisation options out there with a very deep look at the analytical advantages and disadvantages of each.

→ Scaling your VPN overnight

With COVID-19 forcing a lot more people to begin working from home quickly means that a lot of organisations have also had to scale their remote work infrastructure as well. The stack overflow team shares its findings from this experience and some of the best practices they have developed.

→ The CSS Podcast

If you're a developer who enjoys CSS this new podcast is for you. Adam and Una from google get together to discuss all things in the world of CSS with their first two episodes covering "The box model" and "Selectors"

→ How to develop a defensive plan for your open-source software project

In this article, you'll find some of the core principles you should consider for planning your open source project defensively to make it as secure as the most rigorously developed proprietary code.

→ How event-driven architecture solves modern web app problems

A great discussion on some of the key problems in modern web development and how designing applications with an event-driven architecture can solve some of these problems in a more novel way.

→ CSI: The case of the missing WAV audio files on the FAT32 SD Card

An in-depth investigation into an interesting hardware storage issue with certain file types on SD cards. If you enjoy working with hardware or learning about the interaction between hardware and software you'll find something interesting in this article.

→ Working from home tips from our experienced remote employees

Again with more people working from home for extended periods of time some of the experienced remote employees at stack overflow share some of their personal tips for making this time as easy and productive as possible.

→ How To Give Engineers Filtered Database Access

Data access for developers is always a challenge trying to balance making it as easy as possible whilst also making it as secure as possible. This article covers a strategy on how you can do this as effectively as possible.

→ Observability for Frontend Developers

This article provides you with a great explanation of what observability is and how frontend developers can use it to make their work more productive and easier when addressing issues with their code.

→ Donate Your Unused CPU Cycles to Fight the Coronavirus

If you have a spare computer at home you can help the fight against COVID-19 by helping solve protein folding problems using your CPUs idle cycles. This article should get you started installing and using "Folding At Home" to try and help in any way possible.

→ A Few Background Patterns Sites

A collection of some sites where you can get some quick background patterns for your applications or sites in a pinch for anything you may be developing.

That's all the links for this week, stay safe and look after each other (But not too close). 🤚

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