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Articles around the web (29-03-2020)

Here's a collection of some interesting articles from around the web this week revolving around all things technology and programming. This is part of the CodePunnet blog weekly newsletter. If you would like to get this update in your inbox make sure to subscribe to the newsletter.

→ Ansible 101 by Jeff Geerling - new series on YouTube

Jeff Gerrling has started a new series called Ansible 101. If you've ever wanted to get started using ansible or wanted to go over the basics again you should follow along with the series following along with his book ansible for DevOps. If you've ever checked out anything todo with ansible you've probably seen his name pop up in the community so he's got a lot of knowledge to share when it comes to Ansible and how it can help you manage your configurations.

→ Take Remote Worker/Educator webcam video calls to the next level with OBS, NDI Tools, and Elgato Stream Deck

Scott Henselman goes over some great software you can use to make your video streaming setup even better hopefully making it easier to share information with your students or workmates so that you can get your work done easier and quicker.

→ SQL and Database Wrap Up - March 2020

With March coming to an end the monthly database wrap up from Helen Anderson is in again. If you have to work with databases you should be able to find something interesting or relevant to your work in this article.

→ Scaling DevOps with Ansible

This multi-part series covers designing and using Ansible roles within an organization in such a way that developers regardless of the business can contribute and build out a catalogue of DevOps services. If you work in a medium-to-large enterprise software shop, this is for you.

→ In depth guide to running Elasticsearch in production

This guide is a fantastic resource for everything to do with getting elastic search production-ready for your needs. It covers everything from the basics of how elastic search is designed and functions all the way to some of the intricacies of running it in a production environment and all of the requirements that are involved.

→ February service disruptions post-incident analysis

Github may have experienced another service interruption in February but it is another great opportunity to learn from what happened. With this post-incident analysis, we find out the timeline of what happened as well as what was learned by Github from the incident as well as the most important step of what is done to remediate this incident from happening again.

→ Six years of the GitHub Security Bug Bounty program

As the Github bounty program enters its 6th year the organisation takes a look at some of the highlights for 2019 and 2020 so far for the program such as some of the cool bugs that have been discovered and remediated.

→ Canary Deployment: What It Is and How To Use It

In this article, you should get all the information you need to understand canary development and hopefully answer some of the questions that cause so much confusion around it such as, "Does the Release Need It?", "What Infrastructure Do I Need?" and others.

→ Hands On With Ansible collections

If you work with ansible there's some interesting changes coming down the pipeline around how modules are now being handled as collections. This article should give you all the information you need to get started with these collections and migrate your code to using them.

→ Unexpected benefits of asynchronous remote work

With all the work from home changes happening for most people, this article covers some of the unexpected changes that have been positive when carrying out work asynchronous when teams are working remotely from each other.

Another week wrapped up with lots of news outside of the tech and programming sphere as well as inside it. Remember to keep safe and keep healthy.

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