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A Quick Self-learning tip

Hello Everyone

This is just a random post that might help self learners. Let's look into it.

Yesterday I have come across a question " I have so many resources , I've registered courses in more than one resource and now I'm confused about which one to prefer and I feel like I'm lost and not learning anything " .

This kind of questions will be common in most of them ! Even I was into this situation in some phase of my life.

The best thing I want to mention about this is ... "Do not expect some course to give you entire knowledge about that language/library/framework or anything that you are learning". Instead make list of resources, compare the topics, find one good resource(based on topics it is providing/way of explanation), follow docs simultaneously,read books and blogs . This helps you gain more knowledge in the language you are learning !!

Keep going guys !
Thank you !

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