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List of Major Android App Development Challenges That Developers Faces

Creating Apps for the Android OS gives a great deal of opportunity to developers and access to an ever-developing user base to the app owner. Be that as it may, the developers face numerous Android app development challenges simultaneously.

The Android platform presents extraordinary numerous open doors for Android app developers. There are numerous Android app development experts too who can assist ventures with making novel business applications for the Android platform. Being the most well-known OS for smartphones over the globe, Android gives the app owner access to a colossal client base.

An Android app developer needs to concentrate on different measures before he is up to arrangement, create, and test the mobile application. The center zones may incorporate the usefulness, availability, execution, security, and ease of use of the app so they can keep their users held on the app for additional time. Propelled android devices are another thing nowadays to make the app convey customized user experience across various devices just as variants of a working framework. The developers are exceptionally expected to address different basic difficulties for making a reliable Android app.
Be that as it may, developers, regardless of numerous chances, must face numerous difficulties.

Software Fragmentation:

As said prior, all the individual Android versions contain distinctive market share of the pie. As indicated by certain reports from Google, one of the ongoing variants of the Android stage includes a lower piece of the pie than its future ones.

There are numerous Android OS forms which developers discover hard to stay aware of with regards to app development. It is unfeasible to concentrate just on the latest Android form as not all users may have moved up to the latest OS.

Hardware Fragmentation:

Android is an open-source mobile framework that makes it not the same as the different OSs. The device producers are permitted by the Alphabet to tweak its operating system according to their particular needs.

This turns into a major Android app development challenge since there are almost devices running the OS. Every device has various features as console structures, screen size, camera catches, and so forth., making it a development bad dream.

No Software/ Hardware Standardization:

The enormous number of devices running Android offers ascends to another Android app development challenge–the absence of software/hardware normalization over the devices. This turns into a bad dream for devices as every device has an alternate capacity for an alternate catch.

A few Carriers:

Android app development specialist co-ops should realize that there are numerous bearers accessible for the Android OS, each with the opportunity to alter the OS for their motivations. This just duplicates the discontinuity issues for developers.


The open-source nature of the android makes the devices producers effectively modify the android app development process according to their particular needs. In any case, the continually rising fame and receptiveness of the framework have made it helpless against steady security assaults.

Not at all like Apple's severe rules for app development, no such administration exists for Android apps. Thus, numerous malware issues emerge and software/hardware fracture just makes fixing the issues increasingly troublesome. This offers to ascend to gigantic measures of security issues.

Statistical surveying Costs:

One of the greatest Android app development challenges for developers is the expense behind statistical surveying. Understanding the end client is critical to Android application improvement, yet it can require a great deal of research, making it expensive for engineers.

Patent Issues:

The ongoing claims demonstrate that few Android features might be proclaimed as an infringement of patent issues. This can turn into a major Mobile application development challenge for developers.

Android Market Search Engine:

One of the significant Android app development challenges for developers is the Android commercial center. Android has in excess of 8 million apps on its commercial center today and gets your application obvious among them is a test. Thus, even with an incredible android application created, in the event that you don't focus on its advancement, you may miss out on increasing any footing.

No Rule for UI Design Process

No proclaimed normal (UI) planning procedure or rules are there to be trailed by the android engineers.

Henceforth, most of the developers manage to make the standard UI improvement procedure or rules. At the point when the especially based UI interface is created by the designers in their own specific manner, the consistency of the applications across various gadgets vary. The decent variety, just as a contradiction of the UI, influences the exclusively conveyed client encounters straightforwardly by the Android application.

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