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What is Your Expectation for an IDE?

abby06 profile image Abby ・1 min read

The integrated development environment (IDE) software plays an important role in embedded development, it can reduce repetitive work, minimize the difficulty of project development, improve work efficiency both in speed and quality, and accelerate the overall product development process.

What are your requirements for an IDE?

Please share your ideas of IDE or your expectation for an IDE on this post.

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Ben Sinclair

I'd either expect the IDE to be tailored very specifically to the needs of one language/build process or I'd expect it to be a framework that stays out of your way and does everything with plugins.

The plugins you'd need to make it an "IDE" would be for running the project, building it or packaging it (if that's a separate step), and debugging it.

On top of this it would need to include project/workspace management and a great text editor. If it was going to allow for frameworks that had graphical elements, then a form builder or GUI move-blocks-around interface.

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Abby Author

Thanks for sharing!