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Mount my Passport WD driver on MacOS Big Sur with NTFS read write

After upgrading my MacOS to big sure, i realized that some features did not work intuitively as previously. This includes my HD driver (MPassport).
Files are formatted with NTFS, and the Boss MacOS does not want to allow write.

Paid Solutions

There is iBoysoft NTFS for Mac and others.
But i solved the issue with simple script

Free Solution

Plugin your HD drive, then check its volume name under /Volumes

let's say your volume origin name (ls -l /Volumes) is MPassport.

retrieve the disk name

disk_name=$(diskutil list | grep -i passport | awk '{print $6}')
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sudo umount /Volumes/${origin_name}
sudo mkdir /Volumes/${disk_name}
sudo mount -t ntfs -o rw,auto,nobrowse /dev/${disk_name} /Volumes/${disk_name}
open /Volumes/${disk_name}
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Happy read/write !

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