Any good PHP code obfuscators which are hard to deobfuscate?

abdulghani200 profile image Abdul Ghani ・1 min read

Any good code obfuscators? Tried phpprotect, etc. They just either scramble the identifiers or encode the code in base64. And it seems pretty easy to deobfuscate that. I want something really hard to deobfuscate i.e., get the original code.

Also I tried FOPO.com.ar , actually it was working fine. But after a while my production server started giving error stating that the file in which I'm using FOPO's obfuscated code is Malicious. And the server is automatically deleting the file having FOPO'S obfuscated code.

So guys, can you please suggest any good code obfuscator like FOPO (which uses a cipher key to deobfuscate the code)?

P.S: Free ones first. :P


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I don't know of any, but I'm curious. Since PHP code is run on the server, what benefit is gained from obfuscating it?


I want to distribute my paid application to my clients. It contains a licensing system. I don't want my clients to remove or modify that licensing system. Hence i need to obfuscate the code.


You could make it ping a server of yours, and if it doesn't ping after some amount of time you ask them about it. If you are "physically" giving them the code there's no way to guarantee they won't do anything to it, obfuscated or not. So you could add ways to track customers and then add repercussions in the sale agreement for removing it.