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Learn Simple HTML5(First Article), Beginner level

What is an HTML?

  • HTML (Hyper Text MarkUp language), which we use to define the basic structure of the web pages. Like The contents where we have some paragraphs, bullets points, data table forms, images,videos and map etc.

  • The HTML Tags Contains machine-readable information about the metadata of the Document, like title, script, style, etc.

what is MetaData?

  • The simplest Definition is that the data describes the data is called metadata.Like the tag of element also contain metadata in its head tag which also describes the data like style title, the script is metadata of HTML

what head tag holds between the opening and Closing Tag?

  • I will also cover, about opening and closing tags below in the document.The Head tag holds the Information about the machine-understandable data, not for human-readable,but for humans html provides use some tags which we use in browser tab and provide some extra information about the website as well.

What is an Element?

  • I will to explain about the element through an example?
<p>This is a content </p>
This is an complete Example of an Element
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  • There are some pre-defined key words in HTML such as p which tells us about the Paragraph ,same like h1 which represents heading.There are many other pre-defined key words as well. I will provide the link to learn more about the element and tags name at the end of this article.
  • We have Two opening angle brackets <p>
  • In between of tags we have the content . This is an Enclosed text content <p> This is an content</p>

we can write whatever we want in between of opening & close brackets.

  • The two closing angle Brackets and slash </p> .


-The element can contain an attribute where we store extra information about the element which does not appear on the web page, we use attributes for different reasons just like, the class for styling, id attribute, <p class="para">moiz </p>, this is an attribute.

Nested Elements

-In HTML we have nested elements as well, we can make the elements and we can make another elements inside of it, <p>Moiz JS<strong>Dev</strong> <p>

Important Note:

-we need to remember that, when we make the nested element and after the opening tag then we must make the closing tag before the parent Closing tag.

Empty Elements

  • Empty Elements are those elements are those elements which are not contain any content <img/> , but this tag accepts and we also called the self-closing tag <img src="Path of Image" alt="Meaning full Message"/>

The Link of Elements:

If Someone see some wrong thing which should be correct then feel free to contact me on LinkedIn or twitter

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