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Things I learned while Doing My Final Year Project

The final year project plays a very important role in the preparation for the professional life. It is very important to select a project in final year according to your interest and passion and something that will help in your future life. I selected to work on the Business Management and Information system. I was very much interested in learning new things and practice skills I already had in accordance with the real life problems. This project taught me how to understand the problem situation, the use cases and how to solve the certain problems that can happen in real life. Besides these I also learned a lot of new skills rather than just development.


In real life while working on any project, you will not be the only one who will be working on that same project. There will also be other team members with you working on the same project, trying to add new features and solving the currently arising problems. So it is very important to know how to work with other team members in order to make something very useful that will actually be beneficial to any user in the real life. Teamwork will also allow to have insight into problem of your team mater and helping team mate to solve that problem. Teamwork is also a great opportunity to learn from the mistakes of others and not repeating those mistakes by yourself. Learning to work in the team is very important to finish the large scale projects on the correct deadline as well. I learned teamwork in order to motivate my fellow members to achieve the right and effective.
Working as a Team

Version Control System and Collaboration

While working on a project you need to have a some kind of tool so that you track the changes and additions you are making to the actual project, so that if you came a cross any mistake or you developed a wrong feature or module, you can easily revert those changes back to the original one and don’t mess up the whole project. So in this scenario the tool that I learned was version control system and GitHub. This till will allow you and your team to work on the same project from different locations easily as if one feature is completed then it will be available to all other members and other members will be able to work further. This is a pretty cool way to make a great contribution to the project or something you are working on. This tool will also help you to track changes in a very easy way.
Git Image

Understanding the User Requirements

Before working on something or creating something it is very important to understand why we need that thing and what this thing will benefit to the user and what is the business logic for the creation of the certain thing. While working on the project I learned what things we have to consider before developing the new feature. What kind of benefit this will provide to the user. Understanding the user requirement make the development of the feature and module very easy to me as I was attacking the pin point and I was not distracted at all.

Importance of Prospect of Performance

The one of the most important thing I learned in this project was keeping in mind the aspect of performance in the mind. Most students (not professionally working students) don’t think of the matter of performance while writing the code. The only thing they want to do is to write code and do something and somehow they complete the work assigned to them. I practiced to write a clean and easy to understandable code that will clarify itself in a very easy way. The things sometimes become very complex but it is a great learning opportunity as it will allow us to thing outside of the box and try to solve the problem from a different angles.

The Art of Making Effective User Interfaces

I never been good at creating effective and attractive user interfaces. This project used very simple and militaristic components that does not required any fancy decoration but they still look good. The secret being that was the art of aligning the things in a simple manner. The simplicity is a thing that has its own beauty as it is nothing but at a whole it is very thing and simplicity is very attractive in general. I learned that the art of creating effective user interface is to be simple and align the things in a well manner and the beauty will come by itself.

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