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Domenico Gemoli
Domenico Gemoli

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End-to-end testing with NightwatchJS: Getting started

I've been uploading videos about NightwatchJS on YouTube, here you can see the first one in the series:

This is a link to the github repo where you can find the code that was written during the videos (go through commit history for relevant videos).

GitHub logo coding-with-dom / intro-to-nightwatchjs

This is the repository for the youtube series "End-to-end testing with NightwatchJS" - check it out on youtube!

End-to-end testing with NightwatchJS

Follow the tutorials on youtube!

More coming soon!


npm install

Run tests

npm test

Please get in touch if you have any feedback or suggestions!

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Bernardo Gomes

Hi thanks for sharing !! This was my first step into nightwatchjs !!

jacqueline profile image
Jacqueline Binya

Watched the tuts on YouTube, loved them.

otomer profile image
Tomer Ovadia

Well explained, thank you.