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Abhinav Sachdeva
Abhinav Sachdeva

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The time for VUI is here

Adversity brings along opportunity for the one's who keep their eyes open.

With processes becoming contact less each day, having the ever changing touch screen while does serve the purpose, but also makes the user skeptic.

To touch or not to touch, that is the question.

These times that we're in provide an excellent opportunity for voice enabled apps and systems. The adoption of voice though has picked up steadily, it's still not a mainstream medium of interaction. The credit of which goes not to the NLU side of the app (trust me it's so much more accurate) but to the content half.

Creating user journeys that provide an intuitive way to input data, has more to do with an engaging and cleverly written script. Yes the visual aesthetics still play their part to a certain extent but for devices like the echo (which happen to be the leader in the race) its only words you have to offer.

Making users feel confident that the app will do what's asked of it is also a major driving force in VUI acceptance. Once hooked they'll not want to go back typing out their responses!

Have you got your hands dirty with intents slots and actions yet?

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