Blood Face Detector in Python, Tensorflow and OpenCV

abhiwalia15 profile image Mrinal Walia ・1 min read

Face recognition systems have been widely adopted for user authentication. One such application is to detect whether there is blood on the face of the person or not. It can be helpful to:

1. To detect if any severe accident has taken place on a highway using traffic cameras and calling the ambulance automatically.

2. In sports such as Wrestling or Fighting to detect if any sportsperson is injured(bleeding) or not so that the match could be stopped and necessary safety precautions could take place.

Similarly, there are many applications and use-cases of this classifier system which I have recently implemented using Python, Tensorflow and OpenCV.

The source code link: [https://github.com/abhiwalia15/Face-Classification-into-Blood-No-Blood]

You can find the article link to the blog post here: [https://waliamrinal.medium.com/blood-face-detector-in-python-part-1-machine-learning-and-deep-learning-classification-project-74aba7067e50]

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