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Datacamp For DataScience

Mrinal Walia
If you are reading this blog, I am sure that we share similar interests and will be in similar industries. I have worked on various projects which involve ML/AI/CV and also written blogs.
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There are lots of excellent resources out there for learning ML and data science. My personal favourite is DataCamp. This is where I started my journey, and trust me; it’s incredible and worth your time.

So you can either opt for individual courses or opt for track courses with a set of methods inside them. I prefer track courses because they have all the relevant systems inside them. So I insist the readers go ahead and check them out.

Also, if you are short of Project ideas to develop some skills and apply your skills, DataCamp has impressive Projects. I love doing these, and they are my favourite. They are so fun.

If you are new to python, I would suggest a few of my favourite courses and insist on completing this fantastic course by DataCamp on Introduction to Python; everyone should try it out, all of whom are new to Python.

Introduction To Python:

Also, I have noticed that DataCamp is giving 33% off to all the courses for one week starting from 17th June through 25th June 2020, 12 PM EST. So this would be the best time to grab some yearly subscriptions. So go for it, folks and Happy learning, make the best use of this quarantine time, and come out of this pandemic stronger and more skilled.


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