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Anatoli Babenia


I couldn't find any feedback form on Hacktoberfest site to filter out my minor PR with README and typo fixes from review queue, and I registered here. Looks like a nice alternative to Medium, which doesn't nag with subscription offers to cover the platform costs.

Speaking of platform costs I noticed this site is work related. I am without job and almost out of money and maybe I need to clarify why for the intro. Maybe somebody who passed through this will help me, or maybe I will get some stable supply for experiments with blockchain and alternative Economics for human development and battling climate crisis.

I started programming probably at 14. Before Internet the game supply was limited by your legs and money. One day I figured out myself how to edit saves. Not quite about coding, and 20 years later nothing changed much. I just was too lazy - getting MS in Automation Control because I was lazy, doing industrial automation projects (because I was lazy), automating development of industrial automation projects (and the reason is the same), and joining software development and ending as DevOps for pushing cybereconomics or in other words - not writing code again (well, almost).

I some point I realized that this laziness is hardwired. I realized that while being transferred into hospital with diagnosis "psoriasis" thanks to bloody cracks on my face popped up as a result of stress that I've got opening a company in my country. This country is famous for people to be afraid of doing business. Not because there are criminals or something, but because of "creative" governmental fundraising campaigns. By the nature of the coder's activities, all coders are lawful in a sense that you need to follow strict rules to be "a good person" for compiler and be rewarded with bugless, beautiful software of your own ownership. With opening a company I realized that there is probably no way to be "a good person" in this country at all. Probably, because the complexity of the laws, which are only available through paid access. Right, the access to the rules of the "business" gameplay is paid. The law texts are distributed as raw PDF and then every edit and amendment is published in human-only diffs, also as PDFs. To read the final text, you need to apply all those diffs with your Brain Processing Unit, but you can not reference them, because after your processing they are "unofficial". For everything else you need to pay money. The country is called Belarus. Every company and government agency uses private, proprietary software and pays to commercial company just to be able to read its own rules. Take that, Elon Musk!

Not being able to use a company as a tool to "save the World" I switched to social activities. Joining meetup community, participating in Open Data Belarus movement, opening hackerspace in Minsk together with other Linux users, even creating OpenAPI project for Belarus. But nothing came up from this OpenAPI project even though there are people supporting it. I didn't have any time-and-money induced stress, and the project did not move. With time-and-money induced stress, I have to move myself to hospital.

That's how I ended up here - no job, and no money. Doing some stuff for Hacktoberfest and getting treatment for the psoriasis at the same time.

DEV.TO is interesting to me in two aspects.

Maybe find a job?

Any job that helps me to get deeper into what's going on with my body would help. The problem with most medical companies you can apply to is that they mostly NDA, non-compete and no Open Source. Given that I am not a doctor or medical student, the impostor's syndrome is a blocker. Or maybe I am just lazy.

No Open Source is bad for me, maybe stressful, maybe gives a feeling of a jail (if only money could solve that..). Being lazy means easy switch from Insert mode to daydreaming, thinking that people already wrote this code numerous times, and instead of writing The Piece that saves the world, I am typing my hello to it over and over. Being paid doesn't really compensate the most precious thing in their life - its timespan, wasted on reinventing the wheels.

Aside from eating medicals, maybe there will be proposals to work on new kind of Economics? I know it sounds strange at the developer's forum, where people are probably supposed to discuss how to they develop things and not what they are actually doing. Like being in a nice and a cozy chair and a lamp and having all those monitors full of logs, docs and code bits tied to specific task from a tracker selected by agile consensus method according to your responsibilities to deliver a code in a given language.

In my country I like to stick with architects who, well, create architecture with houses and other facilities for human living, and they quite often work with developers who actually pour a lot of money to hire construction workers to make all this stuff built. And they are speaking about beautiful things, and drawing beautiful things (no, not developers - developers are only interested to build more houses and cut more money). And those things are not always related to buildings.

One of such things, for example, is Economics. It touches every coder, but why coders would want to care about it? In the end they are getting money big enough to not care about how it works. And yet we see that those who go amok to save the worlds with Open Source quickly vanish to survive without a budget. How come that tremendous value that is provided by Open Source to each and any enterprise, NGO and startup, is not in anyway compensated to its creators? Even if everybody agrees that this is how thing currently work, I doubt that even business people find it fair. The rules with supply and demand that we play by, date back to 1930s and are good for the inital growth and expansion. Since then we've got Internet, lots of data about people need and greed, some pressing problems with climate to be solved with technology. I think it is time to start thinking about Economic balance and creating prototypes. Joining an Open Source company that does just that would be an exciting outcome.

Maybe seed ideas?

Putting money aside, I was lazy, and I am still is. Given that I am getting old and could be turned into zombie anytime soon, there is a high risk that none of those ideas that I cherished for years will see the future. The idea with strange feeling of "urgency" and "awesomeness".

Like adding p9 file access protocol to LXD, so that I can run tests and other things like GitHub Actions on random project cloned during the day, and make it all executed in a remote disposable container. Like creating free art reacting canvas for visualizing builds, that gets real-time strings from SCons while it scans and processes dependencies. Like creating machine learning system with "online learning" that watches my screen and, with me in a feedback loop, learns "screen contexts" and what to do with that context, popping up and asking me every time when it sees something that it doesn't know. Like self learning system that finds changing numbers and text from screenshots diffs and puts them into tables to be processed later. Machine learning for automating me as a DevOps and predicting my input in isolated containers, connected to terminals running side by side with pedal switch under my desk if I like what ML continuation of my intent is doing with its terminal input stream. Connecting Google Jamboard with Inkscape - making the board operate without pen and reacting to movements and gestures, recognize them, draw with them, and ask me to show how connect unknown gesture in certain context on canvas to Inscape operations. Building a personal cybernode - self updating Linux with self updating container that can allow you participate in blockchain based social systems right from your home.


I didn't expect to write such a big post. I had to rewrite it twice to be more positive. Now I won't be deeply embarrassed tomorrow for writing something that doesn't read as an intro, but more like a rant of a person without a private life. Too lazy to have a private life either. :D