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Keramot UL Islam
Keramot UL Islam

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Hey, WordPress devs. Try Python

WordPress plus Python

The strongest side of WordPress is The Rest-API. We can fetch WordPress data with any programming language and print it wherever we want.

Calling Rest-API with JavaScript is kind of okay. But Calling Rest-API with Python can be the starting point of the next big thing.

Here are two things about Python:

1) Python is the present trend.

2) Python is a sustainable future.

If you want to make money from product,

you have to go through the trend;

towards the future.

Now let’s see how Python works with WordPress Rest-API…

import requests
from urllib.request import urlopen

endpoint = ""
rqst = requests.get(endpoint)

if rqst.status\_code == 200:
    with urlopen(endpoint) as url:
    data =


You can make a deep analyzation of your e-commerce, blog, business website data with python. Then you can print the output on a web app, website, google sheet… wherever you want.

The world of data analyzation, deep learning are just in front of the door.

Are we ready for it?

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