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My learning from creating tools for developers

Once you cross the beginner's level as a developer, some questions should start arising in your head...

  1. How does a developer think?
  2. Why does he need that xyz tool?
  3. How does a tool solve a problem?
  4. What's happening behind the scenes in that xyz tool?
  5. How to think in a generic/global way from a problem-solving perspective?

Wait, don't Google these questions, because these are kinda questions where you need to realize the answer, you need to feel the answer.

So, what's the process, how will we know the answers?
For me the answer is "creating open-source developers tools". I mean, creating open-source tools that will be used by other developers. When you start creating developer tools, your brain starts adopting millions of developers' thought processes. It's a journey where you'll learn the answers to those questions. But if you want to know more than those answers then you need to create multiple personalities in you.
Which are:
=> A problem solver,
=> An observer,
=> A person who has Childish perspective.


Dev Tools developed by me

These projects are managed by my GitHub organization. Feel free to contribute on these open-source projects on CodesVault


Feeling positive energy, huh?
Now here's a trap. When you want to create a dev tool, lots of ideas will come to your brain. You will peck the most complex one and then after doing some google search, you will know that those types of tools already exist in many ways.
Then after repeating this process for multiple times you'll lose that positive energy :(

So, the hack is don't find unique, complex ideas. Find the idea that sounds extremely easy to you, and in your thought process you already know the implementation.

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