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Well, if you are here that means you can read and maybe you are also confused AF like me. To be frank, I'm pissed about my idea of switching my 6 years of frustrating technical support career. Yes, I had a job and quit it because of unnecessary pressure of reaching harassing targets (which is getting scolded by customers on behalf of the company which cannot put their shit together) and ridiculously unusual shifts of my job.
I know it is ridiculous because all the other millennials are working like this no big deal right! Periodt, I don't want to be like them. Lately I have completed certificate course on Hardware & Networking, Ethical hacking. Cool right! but I didn't use them to build my career around that instead I looked for easy money in exchange for my blood and sweat and being a part of an unhealthy work culture. In this pandemic I learned how much companies care for their employees. Hence, I've decided to end that hell of a nut job and learned Python Programming. Nowadays I am learning programming and I feel relieved. Everything I learned from school by reading books putting together all that knowledge is really helping now. Like automating daily staff, coding self-learning web applications, scripting facial recognition program that alert via text messaging etc. I am 33, I don't have a job right now but I am sure by the end of 22 I will have a better career as a programmer or I will code my own startup. Who knows!! On that note thank you if you have read till here. Like, share, follow, troll, do whatever you want, be honest. Bye.

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