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Adewale Abati
Adewale Abati

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Can coding breaks be too long?

Has anyone taking a long hiatus from active coding either due to career changes or whatever reason and then try to get back into it? What's the experience like? What steps did you take to get back on your groove? And how did you catch up on all the numerous new technologies and practices you may have forgotten?

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Justin Henry

This can depend on your passion for it. Since my passion for it is high, any extended break from coding would make me want to get back into it. I experience this with hobby projects that I have a lot of passion in. I burn out over a period of time, but when someone else brings attention to the project, you begin to see its worth and when you look at the code again, it ignites a feeling of excitement like when you started it in the beginning.

I would heavily recommend coding breaks, and the only way I could say it is too long is if you have an urge to dive back in but you hold yourself back. Once you dive back in, its like scratching an itch you didn't realize you had.

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Francis Provost

I don't know what you consider long but I took 3 months off when my daughter was born nearly one year ago and it was pretty easy to go back. I was less often on Twitter, Dev, reddit, etc. but enough to keep me informed of whatever is happening.

Even tough I wasn't full energy because of the newborn, it was very beneficial. The stress level was way down even if I was starting my first contract after 5 years at the same place.

If you can do it financially, I highly recommend it

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Paweł Kowalski

Im also wondering. For some weird reasons i plan to take 6+ months break to think about life etc., and this question pops up. I dont know if im going to be interested in coming back, but it would be nice to have that option.