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Axel Martínez
Axel Martínez

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Another YouTube series from yours truly

Hello everyone.

I hope you are doing well, or that you are at least hanging in there.

I want to share another playlist I am working on. You might be familiar with the one where we build Heartbeat, but this time the videos are focused on Sass.

Goal is to keep it short and sweet by making every video as focused as I can.

Thanks in advance for watching and any feedback will be very welcomed.

Stay safe and catch you later!

You can see the playlist here

Here's the first video in hopes to pique your interest:

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Harry Adel

Great mini-series. I really liked the short format. If I were to point out something to improve it'd be to include the checkboxes setup in the boilerplate instead of copy-pasting them from the codepen. But other than that, it's good!

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Axel Martínez

Thanks for watching!

Yeah, I will make sure to revisit the markup while implementing the styles for the different states.

Thanks for your feedback Harry 😁