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Axel Martínez
Axel Martínez

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Heartbeat (NW.js + Vue[tify].js) on YouTube

Hello everybody!

I hope you are doing great today.

I wanted to share with you all through a post here something I have been working on for quite a while now: a YouTube playlist.

When I started looking into Vue and learning how to use it, I also wanted to try to use it with NW.js.

At the time there wasn't really any documentation I could find or ask for, so I decided to document my findings and also share them.

Out of that came a series of videos in which my original intention was to retrace my steps and just rebuild the thing I had already working.

But I refactored stuff along the way and got some more ideas as to how to implement some of the solutions to the problems I found. Some bugs were also fixed and eventually reached 5:00+ hours worth of content.

I want to note that the whole series has the intention to provide short and focused videos that cover just one subject at a time. And even though it is edited (some times heavily 😅) I try to show everything I go through, even the mistakes.

You will notice we cover a lot of stuff that revolves around building an app, including but not limited to:

  • Vue and NW.js of course
  • git
  • Vuetify
  • Node packages like NeDB and ping-monitor
  • Inkscape to create the logo
  • Keyboard shortcuts for VSCode
  • npm tasks

Right now I am coughing a lot from being sick, but I plan to get back at recording more videos on this series and perhaps create a shorter version with the newer stuff that came out after I recorded these videos or even cover more topics... but we'll see.

I also want to get a better quality output for the videos so that they are more enjoyable, but I digress...

You are more than welcome to leave comments on the videos and thanks in advance for watching!

Catch you later 😁

Here is the 0th video:

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Axel Martínez

Super happy to open up the YouTube Studio app and finding that the channel is at 400 subscribers!

It's been a long journey and I hope I can continue working on it, sharing the stuff I learn and maybe helping someone else out there! 😁