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Fiwit - A service to manage internal IT

Wanted to share with your community a new web app I've been working on for a few months:

It's a tool to manage everything in your internal IT:

  • IT Asset management
  • IT Helpdesk
  • Internal IT documentation

What problem does it solve?

From what I've observed, many IT people, especially those working in small companies often struggle to manage their IT.

Despite we have some great tools to do programming, IT, on the other side, is often left to archaic solutions, consisting of a mix of old software, excel sheets, or in-house software. So, I decided to build a web app to tackle this problem in an easy way, accessible to anyone.

The technical stack

The app is build using Rails 6.

It's not a single-page app. I've made it using Turbolinks thanks to this blog, which showed me that this was possible to have turbolinks-powered applications bringing a good user experience in 2020.

The app is hosted on Heroku, after trying different projects on AWS, as this was much simpler for the deployment.

Interesting fact, we have implemented a client-side barcode scanner using a very good library: Quagga.js.

Request for feedback

As this project is very new, I'd like to ask your community for a few feedbacks.

Probably that among programmers, many of you already had to also work with an IT department. So, I'm wondering: is that something that you would use? If you have time to look at it, could you tell me what do you think about the website?

Of course, other questions are welcome as well, about any aspect (such as if you would like to get more details about the tech stack, or, other things).

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