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Use the same screen navigation animation both on Android/iOS with React Native + React Navigation

React Navigation's default screen navigation on Android looks strange, because it creates modals even if "swipe to left" closes the modal:


I would like the animation to slide from left to right in the same way on iOS:

The solution is very simple:

import {
} from 'react-navigation'

const Navigation = createStackNavigator({
  screenA: ComponentA,
  screenB: ComponentB,
}, {
  mode: 'card',
  transitionConfig: () => StackViewTransitionConfigs.SlideFromRightIOS,

export const AppNavigation = createAppContainer(Navigation)
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I wonder why this is the default behavior...


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nicolaspavlotsky profile image
Nicolas Pavlotsky

This works! But is there any way to implement swipe back?

acro5piano profile image
Kay Gosho

Thank you for your comment.
If you set gesturesEnabled: true in stack navigation config swipe back will be enabled, which is the default settings.

webuijorgegl profile image
Jorge Suarez

do you if for @react-navigation/bottom-tabs works?

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