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I think almost all non-trivial production-ready apps should have automated testing of some kind, and that includes CLI apps. Altough not as heard of as in web development, CLI apps can also be tested. One example is the Git project, which won't accept new contributions if the developer doesn't implement unit tests for that new feature/fix.

You can find more info about the Git project testing approach at (line 542).

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Vue and GraphQL with Hasura video course

In this course, we will create a Vue blog CMS, step-by-step, and we will cover major aspects of executing GraphQL queries, mutations and subscriptions.We will learn how to setup and deploy Hasura for free on Heroku. We will see how Hasura provides a realtime GraphQL API on top of a new (or existing) Postgres database that we will use to build our Vue app.

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I work at Dyson as a Front end focused Full stack developer, I play with all sorts really. Lately WASM is my toy of interest. is where software developers stay in the loop and avoid career stagnation.

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