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Adam Crockett 🌀
Adam Crockett 🌀

Posted on, getting started (being me) 🖤

Firstly, here are my demands: can we make journal into a tag pretty please.

There's a pattern in my blogging stream of consciousness here on that I can't explain but we're getting to that.

I am a blog novice but that hasn't stopped me because has been fun and rewarding for my sense of confidence and the achievements fill my lizard brain with joy. Anyhoo, I use to vent about anything really, from the similarities between inanimate objects (my bed) and Agile methodologies, all the way to more serious grit like ... umm, I forget. Anyway I write about serious topics occasionally, last week I got my first 2000 views+ post which I certainly wasn't expecting and a 20 heart comment! I wrote that whilst a bit... How should I say this, I had drank lots of liquid that made me want to write in a passionate tone. 😒

I am not an angry person as the crow flies but occasionally I will have a bad day and just go to town on a subject. I'd like to stay interesting without the alcohol but I just don't get the same level of interest, so let's analyze what drunk me did right.

3 emojis in the title seemed to capture your attention, I guess that is no surprise, if Shakespeare had emojis, his plays would still make perfect sense.

I replied to every comment and hearted everyone because you rock.

I broke my paragraphs up.

I didn't correct my spelling?! Maybe I overthink this.

I concluded well.

So what is the pattern I spoke about? All my negative posts did really well, but I just want to be a force for good not evil.

Anyway should I take on something else that bothers me.. time will tell, if your still reading this why? This was a monologue 😘

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