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Adam Crockett πŸŒ€
Adam Crockett πŸŒ€

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Docker Development

Okay so I need a little help understanding something.

I have a few requirements for an app I'm working on.


  • MongoDB
  • Kotlin on graalVM

Now both of the above have images but how do I get them to smush together in an image of my own.

example of an image:

Do I just write my own docker file and ignore the official distributions?

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Pacharapol Withayasakpunt • Edited

Dockerfile should pull in files from the same folder by default, if not .dockerignore'd.

FROM oracle/graalvm-ce
CMD ["node", "index.js"]
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As to run MongoDB, I would create docker-compose.yml. Something like this.

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Adam Crockett πŸŒ€

So that's what docker compose is. Il go do some research.

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Dan Silcox

Better off using docker compose or similar to have 2 separate images rather than combining the 2 services in one container - that gives you more control over scaling, eg just the DB or just the app part, and just generally makes it easier to keep track of what’s going on

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Adam Crockett πŸŒ€

Thanks Dan, I found that out a couple of hours ago whilst researching, its quite a lot easier than doing this manually.
I feel like Im an in an Alien world right now, great fun!