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I’m accidentally learning Python

Well that’s new, I’m not usually posting over here 👋

I’m a veteran JavaScript developer, funnily enough, my brother is also a developer, he is firmly in the Python camp, well Ruby now but he’s in another camp 🏕️.

When I cared about such things, I used to tell him to learn JavaScript it’s so flexible… but then I started playing with Godot and GD Script, I also have some stints with Lua too, so I’m not afraid of brace-less languages anymore in-fact I don’t really care as much about language design, the less time spent writing is more time thinking about that algorithm im trying to write, so all I really care about is less boilerplate, imports and first class functions, languages getting in the way too.

Python for me works because I can think about the JavaScript analogy and find the stack overflow, the rest of the time it’s quite a productive language somehow, I’m just scratching the surface at the moment but have still achieved many things.

So what have I been doing, learning to write Blender adding on python and also prototyping with processing in python, implementing Treemap, box packing and Astar and eventually generating 3D buildings, returning finally to Godot to understand how GDScript differs.

It’s all been fun but now, I’m not really seeing a new language as much as a problem to solve.

💡 I use ChatGPT to teach me a lot about Python

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