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Statement: The Dom is slow.

Heard that one before?

I'm sure you have, but who prey tell is measuring this on a monthly basis and keeps coming to this conclusion?

Recently I talked about the most powerful word in development, "why?", Continuing this train of thought 🚄 I'm here to talk about statements in software that are often passed around as a given deterministic fact. Despite the slightly less advertised fact that this statement is a handmedown from somebody else who heard it from thier grandma's dog Rex.

Software, development, life and everything in between is not deterministic, I'm not even sure the word really has a meaning. Time moves on and things change, what might be certain now is not certain tomorrow (perhaps, we can't determine this).

So back to that statement, I think we can call this inherited knowledge, do you think this is a helpful part of development? This knowledge is rarely tested but we inovate based statements like this, sadly we also berate those who didn't know this, (not that there is anything anyone could really know, non-deterministic).

Embrace indecision.
Love procrastination.
Think of everything in the present tense.
Ask why.

Right now I'd love to hear your thoughts 🤷‍♂️.
End of post or perhaps not.

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