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Why decorators should be available everywhere

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Let's dive in, I believe this sample will explain better than words.

class SimpleRouter {
   @get '/home'
   ({ res }) {
      return res.html();

   @post 'submit/myform'
   ({ somePlugin, res }) {
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ps. what do you think about that slightly hacky syntax, cool huh?

But why can't this just be an object with decorators, I am forced to use a singleton for no good reason.

So people say you don't need classes but I'm afraid that syntactic sugar just keeps getting sweater.

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How is the code below a decorator connected to the decorator above it? Implicitly?

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Adam Crockett • Edited

Great question, yes decorators are implicitly connected to the next valid block of code they can find (JavaScript doesn't care about whitespace), that's why you can place a decorator above a method or inline.

@myDec someMethod(){}


@myDec(someInterceptingParam) someMethod(){}



Or in my case

@get ["/home"] // <- that's a method name

I could have done (probably should have done)

@get('/home') handleHomePage() {}

But you can see that this allows a URL to be used by two methods as the URL is now not tied to the method name and also there is more to type.