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I have created an account just to thank you for the article. (About time, I know)

I don't know if I have been so naive or StackOverflow coddled me, but I have always viewed IT as relatively open and welcoming field. When I look for something no matter how obscure it is, there is always some good and patientSamaritan to help, answer questions no matter how stupid or basic or at least show the way to the solution.

Lately I have noticed the ugly spectrum of IT as you describe. Sexism, arrogance or just unpleasantness and it still baffles me. Thanks for speaking out.

I just wanted to say thanks to all the helpful and amazing people who still make me proud of being in the same field. I hope to repay one day once I stop being an imposter.


Worry not, to quote a founder of

We all are, and still is at times today (including me) 🖖
~ Welcome onboard


Haha, yeah, I have read the article some time ago. It really helped with my mental health at work.

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