Django: What version do I have?

adamlombard profile image Adam Lombard Updated on ・1 min read

Here's how to see what version of Django you're using:

  • Make sure you're in the virtual environment for your project.
  • At the terminal prompt, open the Python shell:
$ python
  • In the Python shell, import the Django module and check the version:
>>> import django
>>> django.__version__

Edit: User @biplov pointed out that there's an even easier way to see your Django version right from your terminal prompt:

$ django-admin --version 


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You can also use the following terminal commands to check Django version:

$ django-admin --version 


$ django-admin.py version

Much easier! Thanks for the tip!


great post thanks


You're welcome! 🙂


PS. I like your github:List of Companies that Hire Jr Devs for Remote Positions
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Do you use Anaconda? What about Jupyter Notebooks?


I do not, sorry. :)