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Are you left with any proprietary advantage when building a Javascript app?

I'm using firebase to build a client side app that I intended to monetize. It occurred to me though that if source maps are accessible then I'm essentially publishing the entire source minus config, build, db rules, and a handful of cloud functions.

Has anyone thought much about this?

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rhymes • Edited

I remember when people told me they wouldn't develop Python client side or desktop apps because its bytecode could be disassembled.

I understand your fear but JS has always been "accessible". Your code being visible doesn't mean anybody is going to suddenly setup a company, copy and paste it and steal your clientele.

A few secondary reasons: it's a drag, they might not have the same exact idea, it's risky (after all you can probably prove the code is yours).

The primary reason though, in my opinion, is that your app/project/company's worth is more than the source code. There's you, your eventual collaborators, your ethos, the immediate value, the customers, the value you provide in time and so on.

Anyway, if you have IP that you want to absolutely protect because it's truly innovative, you can still hide that behind a server side function and call it from your client app :-)

Good luck for your project!