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IP GeoLocation and IP Lookup API?

A IP Geolocation and IP Lookup API for free with unlimited queries and fast response time? it's actually here.

Today i decided to provide a free IP Geolocation and IP lookup API for every developer with no restrictions. free and fast API which can be used in any web app.


The main goal of this project besides what is stated above, is to create software which is able to process very large amount of data with big amount of queries in responsive time without consuming much of server usage. and i actually successed to make one singal query take less than 3 milliseconds with very low usage. and this is the main idea to provide everyone with free unlimited amount of queries and with very low cost for me.

Get Started

The API is online and free for everyone and can be accessed through HTTPs request to this domain, also a documentation should be there for more information.

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