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Adevinta Spain

Machine Learning solutions at Adevinta and BenevolentAI

Didac Fortuny
Data scientist in the Machine Learning team of InfoJobs (Adevinta Spain). Co-founder of DataForGoodBCN.
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The last event organised by the Adevinta Spain Meetup group was focused on describing applications of Machine Learning in different industries.

In the first talk, Ana Solaguren-Beascoa Negre, from BenevolentAI, detailed how drug discovery R&D is still a huge challenge for the pharmaceutical industry. It is expensive, has a high percentage of failure in programmes and this translates into a high societal cost. In this talk, she gave an overview of the world of how the BenevolentAI platform is trying to improve and speed up the process of drug discovery by using Machine Learning in different areas, focusing more in the area of chemistry.

The second talk was focused on the Machine Learning project that has led to a significant improvement of the InfoJobs SEO through Natural Language Processing techniques by generating an internal link structure of the site.

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