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Get started with Git

How to search for issues

  • Search for tags such as beginner, low-hanging fruit, low-priority, up-for-grabs
  • If the org doesn't have labels on it then go for issues that have less discussion and comments in it.

How to search for resolving the issue

  • First check in which all files does the issue has connection with
  • Use grep for searching through the files
  • Read the portion of documentation where the issue has connection with
  • Google search through and check stack-overflow

Now, let's solve a real-world issue.

Search for relevant projects and join the community

Search for relevant projects on GitHub based on your skills. You can use GitHub Explore for this purpose or sign-up for Code Triage to get an email on a different issue every day.

While choosing a project to start on, look for a project that is actively maintained (loads of commits) and has a lot of issues. Once you have found your relevant projects, Star & Fork the project, subscribe to its mailing list and slack channel. This is the best way to get help if you are stuck in setting up the project or making your first contribution.

Play with software(Find bugs)

Explore existing issues
Help explore documentation
Suggest new features

- Introduction about Git Workflows

A Git Workflow is the best way to work with git locally and on cloud without messing up the branches or creating merge conflicts.

A Git Workflow I follow :

  • git fetch --all --prune
  • git co master
  • git reset --hard upstream/master
  • git push origin master/specified branch

Thank You

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