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Discussion on: How to use git efficiently

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Aditya Sridhar Author

Rebase is generally used to update the code in local with the latest code in remote. Using Rebase in the remote can create issues since it overwrites history.

I have written about rebase as well. You can check it out here

I guess one option is to handle it in the code itself rather than trying it with git. You can have a config to say which features to enable and disable.

So when users say they don't want a feature, you just go to the code config and disable it. In the future, they may want the feature back. In that case go to the config and enable it :D

I think having a config like that makes it easier than handling it with git. What is your take on this?

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using config file is a brilliant idea!
why i hvnt thought of this before!

i know rebase will overwrite the history, maybe i will just stick to local rebase first

Thank you!😘