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Adizbek Ergashev
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Where do the PROs learn ?

Short bio. My name Adizbek, I am 21, started programming ~5 years before.
Currently I work as fullstack developer(js) at local company.

I like learning new technologies and all with related to good development techniques.

I have learnt many frameworks(php, js, python, java), SQL and NoSQL databases storages, but not enough dig deep, While I work I feel it's not enough, there should the better ways to write the code.

My question is "Where do the PROs learn?" (I am not pointing myself as PRO 😅). I feel that I want learn more and more, but can't find right place to go further, to dig deeper.

Please share your strategies or ways how to become better PRO below in comments. 👇

P.S. It's my first post on DEV community. 😅

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Akash Kava

PROs explore, and then they share their experience. There is difference between learning and exploring, you can only learn what was once explored by someone. Exploring is going to unknown territory and trying out something new.

Best way to become PRO is to build, even if frameworks are out there, still try to build one, you will learn and improve and you will realize how your thinking has achieved maturity and then learning anything will become easy.

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Matt Eland

It depends. I have been coding since 87 and professionally coding since 06. I've advanced to the point of teaching, mentoring, and managing.

I learn via online course services such as Pluralsight, linkedin learning, or insperity. Often what I'm doing in video learning is learning about concepts and libraries so I can explore them later.

I read a ton of technical and tech leadership books. This helps me deepen my knowledge on a focused area.

I learn by side projects and seeing how concepts work in practice and what tradeoffs and obstacles arise.

I graduate my learning by implementing concepts in production applications.

I solidify my learning by teaching and presenting it to others in written or oral form.

And I learn by my failure as well as the failure of others. I never want to make the same mistake twice.

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