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Get the Most Out of Google Docs with These URL Tricks

Google Docs

Google docs come with some neat URL tricks to use them according to your need.

Here we go...

Create new document directly from URL:

If you are signed in with multiple accounts, then will create new document with 2nd account, /3 for 3rd account, and so on.

This is the document that I get now, and we will use this for our tricks:

Url Tricks

  • /preview Non-editable, no menubar, no toolbar, no ruler, just plain page
  • /copy Opens a copy of the document, editable by the user, directly from the URL.
  • /export?format=pdf Directly download a pdf of the document.
  • /view?rm=embedded No title of the document, editable. Good for embedding in iframes. Hides the title of the document
  • /view?rm=minimal No title, no menubar, no toolbar, only the ruler and page, editable. Good for distraction free minimal editor. -/view?rm=demo No titlebar, no menubar. Shows the toolbar. Good for a editor with basic controls.

Google Sheets

New Sheet

This is the sheet that we will work with

  • /preview
    Shows only the sheet (no title, no toolbar, no menubar, no cellnumbers). Good to use where only html is supported.

  • /view?rm=demo
    No titlebar, no menubar. Shows editor toolbar and formular bar.

  • /view?rm=minimal
    No titlebar, no menubar, no toolbar, no formulabar, just shows the sheet. Good for showing data in spreadsheet format.

  • /view?rm=embedded
    No titlebar, shows menubar, toolbar, formulabar. Good for embedding in websites.

Google Slides

New Slides

This is the slides that we will be working with:

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