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The 2020 Roundup of Advent Calendars for Designers and Developers

We're closing fast to the end of 2020, and it's once again advent calendar season. I'm doing a roundup of the ones running this year, as I did twelve months ago. I'm going to update this list over the next week with any new entries that I can find, so be sure to come again later.

One of the surprises this year brings is the absence of some well-established names (at least at the moment I'm writing this). Some have made announcements, while others have just gone silent. See the end of the article for a second list of the missing calendars.

Do you know of another advent calendar for developers or designers? Please let me know at, and I will update the list. Or you can just drop a comment at the end of this article.

That's enough lollygagging! Let's get the show on the road!

Update December 5th: added

Banner for 24 Days in December

24 Days in December

24 Days in December is an advent calendar focused on the PHP community.

Banner for 24 Days in Umbraco

24 Days in Umbraco

Umbraco CMS is a tool for building multilingual sites. They've been running an advent calendar since 2012 and are still going strong this year as well.

Banner for 24 days of JavaScriptmas

24 days of JavaScriptmas

24 days of JavaScriptmas is an advent calendar that gives you the chance to win daily prizes while sharpening your JavaScript skills.

Banner for 25 Days of Ruby Gems

25 Days of Ruby Gems

The Ruby Advent Calendar 2020 presents a new Ruby library every day from December 1st to December 25th.

Banner for Advent of Code

Advent of Code

Advent of Code is an Advent calendar of small programming puzzles for a variety of skill sets and skill levels that can be solved in any programming language you like.

Banner for Advent of Cyber

Advent of Cyber

Advent of Cyber aims to help users to get started with cybersecurity, by releasing beginner-friendly exercises every day leading up to Christmas.

Banner for Bekk Christmas

Bekk Christmas

In 2020 Bekk comes with 11 calendars. That is ten sets of 24 articles and one podcast with 24 episodes. You can check all daily entries on the main website, or you can check the calendar focused on the topics that interest you the most.

Banner for C# Advent Calendar 2020

C# Advent Calendar 2020

The C# Advents are a way for C# enthusiasts to celebrate the Advent and help build up the C# community by creating great content that gets "unlocked" every day from December 1st to December 25th.

Banner for DotVVM Advent Calendar

DotVVM Advent Calendar

25 days with 25 amazing articles to learn about DotVVM and the multiple applications it can carry out.

Banner for F# Advent Calendar in English

F# Advent Calendar in English

F# Advent Calendar is a long tradition in the F# community. The English variant started in 2014, while the Japanese one (see below) started back in 2010.

Banner for Festive Tech Calendar

Festive Tech Calendar 2020

Festive Tech Calendar brings you content and presentations from different tech communities all around the world.

Banner for JVM Advent Calendar

JVM Programming Advent Calendar

This project started in 2012 with the idea of providing Java technical content during the Christmas Advent period.

Banner for Lean UXmas

Lean UXmas 2020

Lean UXmas is a collection of the most popular articles from this year’s Agile and Lean UX News delivered daily this coming December.

Banner for Perl Advent Calendar

Perl Advent Calendar 2020

The Grand Daddy of Advent Calendars, Perl Advent has been running since 2000.

Banner for PWAdvent


PWAdvent is the perfect advent calendar for everyone who's excited about the web platform.

Banner for Web Performance Calendar

Web Performance Calendar

Faster websites are always in demand and the Web Performance advent calendar has been bringing you great tips all since 2009.

Calendars in other languages than English

There are very strong developer communities that don't speak English and some of them have created advent calendars of their own.

24 Jours de Web (French)

Banner for 24 Jours de Web

Tercer calendario de adviento de C# (Español)

Banner for C Sharp Spanish

F# Advent Calendar in Japanese

Banner for F Sharp Japanese

Kodekalender 2020 (Norwegian)

Banner for Kodekalender

SELFHTML Adventskalender 2020 (Deutsch)

Banner for SELFHTML Adventskalender

Calendars not running in 2020

As I mentioned in the beginning, some well-established calendars are not present this year. Some have announced they are taking a break this year, while others have just stayed silent. Here are some of the most notable absences:

24 Ways

Drew McLellan announces that @24Ways won't run in 2020

24 Accessibility is another established calendar that won't run in 2020. They are encouraging us to follow the #24DaysOfId24 hastag for similar content.

24 Pull Requests

24 Pull Requests taking another year off, maybe see you next year.

Wrapping things up

That's all for this year. As I mentioned above, be sure to check this again over the next few days to see if there are any new additions to the list.

Thanks for reading, take care of yourselves, and I will see you around!

Happy Tech Advent!

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