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DotVVM Advent Calendar 2020

Hello everyone! Welcome to DotVVM Advent Calendar 2020, 25 days with 25 amazing articles to learn about DotVVM and the multiple applications we can carry out. We have an article for each of the advent days with the following general themes:

  • Basics of ASP.NET with DotVVM.
  • Controls for web forms.
  • Data reporting.
  • Web pages with SQL and NoSQL databases.
  • Deploying dotVVM applications to Azure and Amazon Web Services
  • Construction of applications for real life.


The main idea of this initiative in its first edition is that among all we can learn from the basics to the most advanced about the wonderful world of web application development with ASP.NET and DotVVM through the contributions generated by the DotVVM community this year.

Day Date Contribution
1 Dec 1st Introduction to DotVVM.
2 Dec 2nd Setting up for Dotvvm Development on Linux, MacOS and Windows.
3 Dec 3rd DotVVM and ASP.NET Core: Implementing CRUD operations.
4 Dec 4th Working with ASP.NET Core and DotVVM on Visual Studio Code.
5 Dec 5th Web forms with DotVVM controls.
6 Dec 6th DotVVM:Build Conditional Validation Attribute.
7 Dec 7th Reports in DotVVM with GridView, CheckBox, and TextBox controls.
8 Dec 8th DotVVM Controls : GridView.
9 Dec 9th Web forms with DotVVM Business Pack.
10 Dec 10th DotVVM: upload files using FileUpload control.
11 Dec 11th Star rating with DotVVM and CSS.
12 Dec 12th DotVVM: Add shortcuts to your buttons and links.
13 Dec 13th Developing web applications with ASP.NET Core, DotVVM and MongoDB.
14 Dec 14th DotVVM CRUD application with Entity Framework and Cosmos DB.
15 Dec 15th Working with web services through ASP.NET Core and DotVVM (A step by step guide)..
16 Dec 16th Deploy DotVVM and .NET Core web applications to Azure (Everything you need to know)..
17 Dec 17th GitHub Actions + Azure: Continuous deployment of ASP.NET Core with DotVVM applications.
18 Dec 18th Working with WCF Services through ASP.NET and DotVVM (A step-by-step guide)..
19 Dec 19th DotVVM Authorization with IdentityServer4.
20 Dec 20th Deploying ASP.NET Core and DotVVM web applications to a virtual machine in Azure
21 Dec 21st DotVVM CRUD application with Cloud Firestore.
22 Dec 22nd Deploy web applications with ASP.NET Core and DotVVM on AWS Elastic Beanstalk.
23 Dec 23rd Containerize a Dotvvm Web Application and a MySql Database with Docker Compose.
24 Dec 24th Build Azure Pipeline to your DotVVM application.
25 Dec 25th Building a Dashboard with ASP.NET Core and DotVVM.

We hope you enjoy and learn about DotVVM during these 25 days of advent. If you have any questions or would like to receive any feedback, you can write to me on Twitter or request information from If you want to share your progress with this amazing experience, you can use the hashtags #DotVVMCommunity #DotVVMAdventCalendar :)

From now on, ¡Merry Christmas!

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