Includes() vs indexOf() in JavaScript

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ES2016 Specifications included the includes() method for Array data structure. The includes() method check if an array includes a certain element, returning true or false as appropriate.
But in ES5 we are used to performing operations like this with indexOf() method.

Using includes() method.

const array = [1,2,3,4,5,6];

if(array.includes(4) ){
console.log("true 4 was found in the array")// true 4 was found in the array

Let's perform the same operation with indexOf() method.

const array = [1,2,3,4,5,6];

if(array.indexOf(4) > -1 ){
console.log("true 4 was found in the array")// true 4 was found in the array

Using includes() method to check for NaN

 const  array = [NaN];

if (array.includes(NaN)){
console.log("true. NAN was found in the array");// true. NAN was found in the array

This is where things begin to fall apart with indexOf() method.

const  array = [NaN];
if (array.indexOf(NaN) == -1){
    console.log("NaN not found in the array");//NaN not found in the array

Checking for undefined with the includes() method.

const array = [, , , ,];

console.log("true array elements are undefined");// true array elements are undefined

Let's see how indexOf() method will handle this operation.

const array = [, , , ,];

if(!array.indexOf(undefined) == -1 ){
console.log("true. array elements are undefined");
}else {
console.log("Sorry can't find undefined");// Sorry can't find undefined

The includes() method does not distinguish between -0 and +0

const a = [-0].includes(+0);

Typed Arrays will also have a method includes()

let array = Uint8Array.of(2,6,4);


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Nice article.
I have one correction for you.

The line:
if(array.indexOf(4) >= -1 )

Needs to be:
if(array.indexOf(4) > -1 )

In order to check, whether an element is in the array. Otherwise the condition would always be true.


Yeah. indexOf() always return -1 if element is not found. Thanks Jonas


I'm wondering about performance. Meaning if includes or indexOf keep searching the array even though already found the element. MDN docs doesn't say if includes breaks the search once finds an element.


You forgot to mention one of the main differences between includes() and indexOf().

IE does not support includes() whereas it supports the other.


I think IE11 started supporting Array.prototype.includes. Exact version that I'm using is 11.904.16299.0


Yeah. Very true.



Uhm in all honesty isn't +0 exactly the same as -0? So is there any real life need to distinguish between +0 and -0?


includes looks interesting, thank you for your post.


I'm glad this helped!