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John Samuel Obinna
John Samuel Obinna

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What you need to know as a junior Developer.


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Every newbie wants to build something cool but the urge to get it done quickly sometimes lead to skipping procedures which can lead to holes.
Am going to keep it short and simple, below are 5 key points to do and avoid as a newbie developer.

1. Accept you are a Junior Developer.

Accepting to be a junior developer puts you on a track of procedures, which actually lead to proper learning and consistency.

2.Understand, don’t imitate.

Imitating is an enemy of creativity and innovation. Sometime we feel the need to imitate someone but understanding should be place first.

3.Give yourself time to Master.

The brain is just a house with bricks laid on bricks; Giving yourself time to grow is an essential skill to attach to development skill. Remember it’s not a race.

4.Don’t follow Social media trends.

Not everyone will agree with me on this but getting rid of this behavior was one of the best things that has happened to me. I know we all want to join the team of those cool developers using one trending language or frameworks, but lack of proper understanding of the foundation will lead to bad or poor usage of those tools. Just give yourself time to understand the basics first.

5.Never Stop!

No one was born with code brain or some magic powers. Every guru and serious developer out there got to the top with constant practices and learning. Coding is not difficult, but your patient and passion for it will be tested.

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Paula Santamaría

Something I wish I knew when I was looking for my first job: Companies need Juniors too. Appreciate the opportunity but don't feel like a burden.

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John Samuel Obinna

True i agree. Thanks.