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How To Learn A Programming Language

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For a new Software Engineer, they need to learn a lot of things and for sure they need to take a look at a certain programming language and learn how to use it effectively and correctly.

Some people learn by seeing a YouTube tutorial, others may be going to a conference or reading a book. There is nothing wrong with any of these but you want to be able to take advantage of all the language features which can make your life easier and write better software.

So, how we learn a Programming Language?

Poke through the documentation

This is the best way to see what the language has. I know the documentation is boring sometimes and not that exciting. But, it is the best place to know all the language functions and capabilities.
There is no better place than this no matter how the documentation looks like.

Practice by project

I recommend this after reading the entire documentation. For sure it will be hard at the start, but later on, you will pick up the pace and become much better at it.

Read book

I know, you are wondering where is the YouTube and Udemy courses in the list. Well, we want you to be professional in this language as you might use it for several years. Books in my opinion are the best source, it takes the documentation and applies it to real-world cases.

Talk to fellow developers

I used to think that I have to do everything myself. You don't need to, just go to LinkedIn and look for fellow developers who have been using the same language and ask them what resources they used and if they can help you. I guarantee you almost everyone you contact will help you as simple as that.

Online Courses and YouTube

Not because they are bad I list them at the end. But, they usually touch the surface of language capabilities. They can give you a good start, but it will not go deep as the other sources. Many times you might have questions and you will not find someone to answer them. Still, not a bad way to learn.

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