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5 Projects For New Software Developer

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As a new software developer, you need to step up your game and become a top-notch developer in this competitive world. To become a better software developer you need to know how to create projects that fit your client's demand and expectations.

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So, to become a better developer you need to create some side projects that will help you grow as a software developer and will gain you new skills. We have this list of 5 projects that any software developer can create. Let's get started!

1. Todo List

This is the most basic and well-known project. We choose it because a lot of tutorials will be available for you as a reference to guide you with this project. These are the main components of this project

  • User Registration Page
  • Login Page
  • Todo List Page with Edit/Delete
  • Todo Add Page

2. Student Registry

Have an app help students of school signup to see his courses and see his grades and other relevant information. This is a medium to a large project that will take considerable time to do everything in it. So try to choose what areas you want to develop no need to do all areas.

  • Student/Teachers/Parents Registration
  • Course Management
  • Course Registration
  • Exams
  • Grade Book
  • Certificates
  • Attendence

3. Medical Clinic

An app for a medical clinic to help it organize its work and manage its different aspects so it works well.

  • Patient Management
  • Appointments
  • Stock
  • Payments and Billing

4. Company HR

An app to help manage the employees and their attendance and different aspects.

  • Attendance
  • Salaries
  • Contact Info
  • Documents

5. Stock Management

An app to help an inventory manager manage the stock. It will provide him with the tools need to add and remove inventory.

  • Inventory Management
  • Stock Transactions

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