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JavaScript Developer Resume Sample & Template (A/B Tested Word Version)

Real JavaScript Developer Resume Sample To Download - The Only Resume Template You Need To Land JavaScript Developer Job.

Sheila VonRueden | JavaScript Web Developer

Inspired JavaScript Web Developer with 6+ years of strong experience in Graph Databases, Testing, DDD/TDD areas with willingness to learn and master SEO and Web Components. Microservices & Containerisation specialist.

>> Download Word, DOCX Version Now <<

>> Download Word, DOCX Version Now <<


  • Phone: (865) 646-9443 x04790
  • Email:
  • LinkedIn: @sheila40
  • Github: @sheila40


Front End:

  • Aurelia, Backbone, Ember.js
  • Sass, Stencil.js, TypeScript
  • jQuery UI, JavaScript/ES6

Back End:

  • .NET Framework 4.x, Express.js, GoLand, Gradle
  • Iris, JBoss, JMX, Log4Net
  • Lumen, PM2, Spring WebFlux, Yii


  • MongoDB, ORD, ORM, PL/SQL


  • Cucumber, Istanbul, MStest, Mockito
  • TDD, Unexpected


  • Codeship, Jenkins, Nagios, Raygun


  • BRD, Jira, Scrum
  • UML


Corkery - McDermott, Full-Stack Developer, 01/2014 - 12/2016 | South Haleighborough, NH

  • Designing new databases and data schemas for the high-volume single page application improving data integrity and execution efficiency utilizing SQLLite and POSTGIS
  • Documenting solution architecture for the high-volume progressive web application standardizing the way of development amongst different projects and mitigating code duplicity
  • Maintaining newly developed and legacy systems mission-critical customers-facing portal applying knowledge of ORD and Aurelia
  • Oversaw full lifecycle of software development for the high-volume customers-facing portal. As a result 7 major products updates have been completed on time and on budget.

Boehm - Beahan, Web Developer, 03/2011 - 01/2014 | Rettachester, NV

  • Designing experiments and conducting UX/UI A/B tests for the high-profile single page application resulting in bounce rate reduction by 54%
  • Designing new databases and data schemas for the business-critical customers-facing portal improving data integrity and execution efficiency utilizing POSTGIS and PL/SQL
  • Improving efficiency and effectiveness of coding practices conducted for the high-profile external web app maintaining code and design consistency across different team members
  • Mentoring and couching newly hired team members related to the critical customers-facing portal resulting in 63% of onboarding time decrease.
  • Reverse-Engineering legacy modules related to high-profile customers-facing portal, resulting in uncovering and validation undocumented functional and un-functional requirements.

Gottlieb - Sporer, Junior Web Developer, 01/2009 - 05/2010 | Jaquelineville, IN

  • Design and implementation of the 99.99% up-time REST API for the mission-critical online service, that provided critical connectivity channel for distributed functionality and increase system cohesion keeping manageable code complexity.
  • Maintaining newly developed and legacy systems business-critical progressive web application applying knowledge of JavaScript, Iris and SSAS
  • Migration of the existing DEV/USR/PRD environments to the cloud for the critical online service resulting in reduce of servers and infrastructure administration by 100%.
  • Refined and improved the existing code for the high-profile external web app that significantly improved app functionality, processing speed and increased system resilience by 81%
  • Resolved technical problems relating to the critical external web app that helped to tune system performance and decrease average response time


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  • ~20'000 MAU


  • Master of Design. Universidad Maritima de Chile, Chile, 2003 - 2010.
  • Full-Stack Web Development Course with React. Code Avengers.


  • Bengali language: Native expertise
  • French language: Fluent expertise
  • Visa Status: Permanent Resident

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