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Abdullah Furkan Özbek
Abdullah Furkan Özbek

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7 Useful Projects on Github for Web Developers

1. FreeCodeCamp

Build projects to earn free certificates and get experience by coding for nonprofits.

You can learn pretty much anything related to programming. If you are type of person who tries to follow video tutorials then you can take a look their youtube channel.


2. Free Programming Books

his repository shares free programming books that you can read. It contains all kinds of topics. Definitely check that out if you are interested. (Don't forget to give it a star 😅)


3. Bootstrap

Undoubtedly the most popular HTML, CSS and JavaScript framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web.


4. Awesome Lists

This repository contains detailed lists around any topics. You can found out what you like or you can contribute that you think others would be interested.


5. You Don't Know JS

A series of books diving deep into the core mechanisms of the JavaScript language. The first edition of the series is now complete. You can buy it in print, or read online for free!


6. Coding Interview University

So you have big interview coming up or you just want to be prepared. Then this project covers you.

It contains links, tutorials, stories that author experienced, advices...

Definitely stop by if you have some time.


7. Developer Roadmap

I keep my favorite one to the last.

This repository will show you what skills or path you need to take in order to fulfill your developer path.

Of course you do not need to complete all of them but it gives good idea what you need to do. So you can create a list and take a look at the process you made.


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