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Trying Node.js

Time to time, I am tempted to experience a new technology or language or get involved in an open source project. But what that happens most of the time is that I start but I can not continue due to many reasons. This time I'm more serious. I am making my second try to master Node.js/Express!
But why Node.js/Express? Because of a couple of reasons. Firstly, it is based on JavaScript, and JavaScript is the most used programming language at the time. Secondly, I can use JavaScript on front-end programming. Almost all of front-ends works with JavaScript. It includes React.js and Vue.js too. Thirdly, I am originally a back-end engineer. APIs and database manipulating is quite familiar for me. And finally, it has more tight connections with open source community than C#, my main programming language.
I learn technologies better when it is done via a project. A real project works better but a fictional one is good too! This time I started with a sample project to buy properties, but then changed it to be a software to deliver truck loads. It's named byprop and resides here in the Github.
Though I have not decided about the front-end, I am primarily interested to React.js because I have some acquaintance. I want to concentrate more into back-end than front-end. As my surrounding market is mainly around relational databases, I decided not to use MongoDB. Instead I chose PostgreSQL as it relational. As I have no experience with it, it's more fascinating for me. Indeed, most part of my work on the project till now is dedicated to exploring PostgreSQL. It's installation was not easy. Specially on Ubuntu. This project is worked on both Ubuntu as my home installation and Windows as my office machine. Moreover, it took some time to get used to it because my database has been MS SQL for years.
Now I have made some commits and have explored nice similarities with ASP.NET. Let go on and explore more things!

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