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Afshar Mohebi
A work-life balance lover developer who is passionate about startups while trying to keep updated with coding trends.
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As a long time .Net developer I feel I should try, and even migrate to, other tech stacks. It's not a new story, I have gone this way times before now. One time with Python/Django, one time with Node/Express and another time with Ruby/Rails. All on 2016/2017.

This time, 2020, I started again with Node/Express. This is a simple app to warm up my hands on Node/Express. However, a job opportunity grabbed my notice to Python again. So, today I used my time to find out what is a good point to enter again.

Things has changed. In recent years any project I have worked on has been a SPA. So I searched for a good SPA setup for Python with Django or Flask. After some search I realized that it is better to run for a PWA as it is almost the only option to work on iOS on some countries. I read some articles. Even I installed some components and implemented some examples.

Finally, I felt that Python may not be rich enough in the SPA/PWA world. Community does not look vibrant. Also I felt that the tooling is somehow restricted. Is it Python a better choice for those also involved in data science and or AI? I am not sure if these findings are true or not. It is just a afternoon research.

By the way I decided to continue with Node/Express. It is not a bad idea to make my learning on JavaScript more robust instead of jumping to Python.

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