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AG Grid Community Roundup April 2022

In April we released version 27.2 of AG Grid.

It is always great to see so much content and information being shared about AG Grid by developers. So let's start with that.


Blog Posts Using AG Grid

Videos about AG Grid

Philip Eschenbacher continues his series of MongoDB videos showing:

All the Source Code from Philip is on Github

We continued adding more videos About AG Grid in our React Tutorials series:

You can find playlists for tutorials in React, Vue and Angular.

In the News

AG Grid Case Study

This AG Grid case study with is a video and text case study showing how came to choose AG Grid in their SAAS ORM tooling.

And for all the entrepreneurs reading this. They are using the completely free version of AG Grid. Our community edition is so feature packed that you can use it to handle most Data Grid scenarios, and you can use it in Commercial Applications for free with no strings attached. It is MIT Licensed so start building the next big thing.

On our blog

And finally, on our blog we posted:

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