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Fullstack Jamstack 2021: Architecting Fullstack Solutions in a Jamstack World

Jamstack is primarily a set of technologies to drive UIs.

It empowers frontend developers to wrangle backend APIs into compelling experiences easily. That leaves many developers wondering where "everything else" goes - things like user registration, authentication, restricted access, user-generated-content, commerce and search.

In this session, two Jamstack superstars - Joel Varty and Brian Rinaldi will take you through a Jamstack architecture that has more than just a frontend.

This workshop will help you architect and build solutions that enable you to solve all of your customers' requirements.

What you will learn

1 | Learn the kinds of solutions that Jamstack is great at solving

2| See how you can add existing APIs onto your Jamstack solution

3 | Learn how you can build new APIs to solve unique customer problems as part of your Jamstack website

Why you should attend

1 | You want to start using modern web JAMstack technology stack

2 | You've heard about JAMStack, but you think it's only for new builds

3 | You want to get a head start on a popular technology

What is JAMstack?

JAMstack represents a new way of developing software based on build-time and client-side rendering, that doesn’t depend on web servers for outputting websites and apps.

JAMstack solves many of the problems other tech stacks face and enables quicker development, but before we talk about why and how JAMstack has become one of the hottest stacks in 2020 and beyond, let’s take a look at the world before JAMstack.


Joel Varty - President at Agility CMS

Joel Varty is President at Agility CMS, a SaaS headless content management platform that combines flexible and fast Headless architecture with familiar and easy Authoring tools for editors. When it comes to cloud computing, development and software architecture, Joel is as good as they come. Beyond his knowledge, Joel's diligence is enviable.

Brian Rinaldi - JAMstacked Dev Advocate at StepZen

Brian Rinaldi is a Developer Advocate at StepZen with over 20 years experience as a developer for the web. Brian is actively involved in the community running developer meetups via and Orlando Devs. He’s the editor of the Jamstacked newsletter (Subscribe!) and co-editor of Mobile Dev Weekly and co-author of The Jamstack Book from Manning.

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